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Chris Lombardi           206-786-7447


Design and develop versatile, robust, and remarkable media distribution devices.



data-driven enterprise apps
eCommerce, shopping carts
complex configurators
content management systems
web services
web frameworks


RDMS design & programming
setup and maintenance
stored procedures
web integration
reporting and admin tools

IT Design

information management and design
voice-tree design and implementation
object model design


visual design
software and API design
wireframe design docs
software implementation
front-end/back-end integration


distributed network control
automation control
playlist control
build processes
data sources, data sinks


source code control
bug tracking

Current Exploration

Mobile Apps
framework assessment

Interested in

Gesture based control
Mobile Apps
Networked Devices


Any system or suite of application tools i approach or encounter, i create a meta-system, a meta-framework, a meta-protocol so that programming can proceed with ease for any features needed or desired.


OS and Languages

Linux, Mac OS X, Windows
PHP, Java, VB, VB.NET, Perl


Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
Java (Spring, Struts)


MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server,
PostgreSQL, MS Access
FoxPro, FileMaker
Crystal Reports, Lucene
Excel front-ends

Web Servers

Apache, Tomcat, ASP.NET

Web Apps/Content Mgmt.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript
jQuery, jQueryUI, YUI, dojo
PHP, JSP, ASP, perl
ColdFusion, Freemarker, iText
Custom data forms
Custom, Wordpress, Drupal Excel upload/download tools

Web Services

SOAP, Axis, Java, ColdFusion


PostScript, Illustrator
Photoshop, InDesign


Office VBA
Office VBA on Mac
Excel and Word automation

Design Communication

Visio, InDesign

E-commerce, FirstData
PayPal, Google Checkout

Visio, for design prototypes
Custom Web-Apps
CVS to SVN conversion
Angel Voice Tree navigation Bugzilla


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA

Bachelor of Science in Art and Design, 1987

McKinnon Institute Oakland, CA

Esalen Masage Certification, 2009


Freelance Web Consulting 2004 - Present

Maintain websites utilizing the Java/Tomcat and LAMP(php) stacks. Extensive use of  jQuery and javascript enhancements. Tasks range from server and database setup to page scripting, CMS manager, and Photoshopic graphic design.

Website designer, web engineer, web programmer, website reconstruction, web features consultant, content management system implementer, database architect, data tools designer and programmer, process flow designer, technical designer and builder of Excel/SQL integration tools, contact management systems, computer needs consultant.

Featured engagements


Provided student class registration forms. From the grounfup, allowed prosepective students to sign up for a class from the website, providing all their specific contact information for wach class, and allowed the proprietor to manage the class offerings, as well as keep the student data tucked away in an excel file.

The Billys

Delivered an implementation in WordPress realizing all the goals of they needed a website that allowed easy changability from season to season, as the offering of gatherings changed, and a way to let insiders in on the action. Required funky use of WordPress template manipulation. Developed a custom theme...


Tvbgone security system - media/security/files

Added fraud detection and alert features to checkout experience; added tools to make it easier for administrators to modify the website and shopping cart; general maintenance of site.

As the web programmer for this new product startup, designed and implemented the website shopping cart from the ground up using PHP, JavaScript and MySql. The site successfully accepted 3000 online orders in the first two days of operation, the first order occurring one minute after going live. Ongoing support to provide maintenance for the company and site, responding quickly to data needs, creating front-end tools for other staff members to export data into CSV files for order fulfillment, and provide shopping cart features such as shipping methods, special discounts and coupons, and inventory maintenance.

Trade Show Internet

Developed and consulted in design of this JSP/Struts based website. Pages built within Softslate shopping cart framework. Constructed tools and provided training to help other web designers maintain site. A Google Checkout experience implemented as an option while robust Java shopping cart is being developed.

Network Guild / Mike Gravel for President 2008

Part of a team to create website for presidential candidate. Installed, modified, updated and maintained Drupal community site. Responded to staff needs regarding content management and community outreach. Solutions were executed in PHP, JavaScript and CSS assisted design, and image work with Photoshop.

Designed and developed multi-user web-based image testing suite.  Using JavaScript, PHP templating and MySql data tables, programmed site with secure logins and data acquisition, image element positioning, and user state tracking. In addition to end-user requirements, implemented a suite of administrative tools which include CSV upload and download, data integrity auditing, resource availability auditing and reporting, user configuration and tracking, and e-mail alerts when data anomalies encountered.

Pacific Interactive / NBC  Studios

Built a web-based monitoring system using JavaScript, Ajax, SOAP and ASP.NET to allow production personnel to monitor the status of 48 phone lines. Each display element is a JavaScript object retaining state, and is modified from parsing XML snippets received from Ajax webservice callbacks. An Ajax polling mechanism was used to simulate real-time response to back-end state changes.  Programmed elements into "blink mode" upon state change using JavaScript timing techniques. Utilized "Browser Threads" in the backend webservice so that multiple subscribers received accurate state data with minimal http wire traffic.


Created Excel workbook templates connecting to SQL Server data via ADODB. Regional reps around the country used these workbooks to fetch and re-submit their budgetary data each month with the click of a button, avoiding untidy and error-prone email file attachments. The collected data was then examined by the management leads with pivot reports and custom built data filters in Excel.  Through the use of a suite of front-end interfaces calling SQL stored procedures, each month user configuration data is changed, financial data tables archived, and the next month's data prepared. This automation reduces the time the financial lead spends on acquiring data, allowing more time for analysis. This strong product was created through the use of extensive focused communication with the project lead and the various departments providing financial data.

Technicon Oakland, CA2011 - 2012

Senior programmer for highly complex configurators.

Created UI framework in GWT linking UI widgets and the data they represented. Developed proto-layout language describing widgets and data, thus providing a quick and maintainable highly configurable environment to specify the layout of UI elements on a page.

Converted legacy CVS sourcecode trees to SVN. Wrote specialized scripts to retain change history and provide structures that allowed programmers to continue with code organization structures they were used to.

Various other projects:

  • XML, SOAP clients, Web services, Wrap external webservices as local
  • XML RPC - debugged client's system by breaking down request and responses into usable data, eventually got a reports system running
  • PDF document creation using iText from ColdFusion and Java.
  • Took advantage of Excel's easily understood interface to upload and download catalog data via a web-based interface. Used ColdFusion to process and generate data.

Reach Systems, Inc Oakland, CA2007 - 2009

Senior programmer specializing in user interfaces for web-based app that allowed remote administration of user credentials for physical building security. The web app communicated with proprietary hardware via XML events, and communicated with agents in the security business, such as Central Stations and private owners.

Designed voice controlled command tree interface, uniting scripts written for a commercial telephony system ( with web services built on the corporate webserver. Careful data and architecture design was required, as code re-use was a priority to allow many clients to use the same system to remotely administer their doors and buildings.

Created design documents, mainly in Visio, to unify appearance and programming approach to the modules of the application suite. Created new user interface libraries in perl, as well as improved existing ones. Incorporating input from a team of marketers and programmers, was the architect for a hierarchical enterprise system that could be expanded and controlled by end users. Augmented and improved data designs to communicate with Central Stations.

Designed and developed an embedded configuration website for the propriety hardware the company sold.

Provided expertise and programming assistance to the corporate website graphic design team, allowing integration of outside user information with company databases and

Utilikilts Seattle, WA2002-2004

IT manager and programmer for accounting and production operations of this clothing manufacturing company.  Constructed software tools with MS Access, ODBC and Mas90 that employees use to maintain and synchronize accounting and production data. Provided in-house data support for accounting, production and marketing departments using ODBC, Crystal Reports, Access, Excel and Web pages (PHP and ASP). Wrote a tool to extract sales history data to generate Excel spreadsheets that show the distribution of models and styles. These data sheets are used to predict future sales trends and determine production runs. Wrote production tools with Access, Excel, Mas90 and ODBC to reduce the time of a preparing a production run from several days to 1 hour.

Pacific Interactive Seattle, WA1997 - 2001

Development lead for proprietary network-based distributed media control system.  Created detailed design documents for ActiveX components using UML based on design meetings with fellow programmers and clients. Designed and developed components with Visual Basic, ActiveX, SQL Server and XML to control and monitor facility-wide audio-visual systems. Worked closely with construction teams on-site. Installations include:

Experience Music Project Seattle, WA

Led team to design, develop and install distributed media control system in high-tech interactive Rock and Roll museum, including a 72 channel SeaChange video controller and a facility-wide event scheduler.  Permitted control and monitoring of facility by integrating VB custom controls with C++ COM objects, interpreting real-time data via XML.

Microsoft Executive Briefing CenterRedmond, WA

Developed conference room touch-screen systems to allow each room's audio, video and computer equipment to be controlled from the podium of each room.  Developed configuration and monitoring programs for the Center's staff, including a software patch bay emulator. Upgraded facility configuration scheme to incorporate XML so that network structure changes are easily made.

MGM Grand Hotel Las Vegas, NV

Designed and developed video programming scheduler that allows staff to deliver and schedule content to giant screen video walls and hotel marquees.  Front ends in VB and MS Access with a SQL Server backend.

Microsoft Corporation Redmond, WA1990 - 1996

Contributed to various projects, with roles ranging from content build developer to font designer.  Products include:

Microsoft Home Cooking with Julia Child

Developed new content build process, transforming a 24 hour process requiring interaction to an automated process that ran in under two hours. Worked closely with developers, artists and writers to ensure high quality content made it into the final product. Build process was a combination of VB, Omnimark and nmake, and featured progress/failure reports.

Microsoft Encarta

Developed and maintained USDA Dietary Guidelines database. Developed interactive resizable US population graphs. Created fonts for PC-Mac cross-platform integration.

Microsoft Dinosaurs

Programmed "Stomping Dinosaur Feet" screen saver with C.

Microsoft Atlas

Created product prototype in VB.

Microsoft Mozart

Designed "Millicent" bitmap font, specialized to give the product an old‑style feel.

Microsoft Project

Software Test Engineer for Mac and PC products.

Related and other Experience

Familiar With: Assembly language, C, C++, python, ruby, Erwin, FileMaker Pro, nmake, Omnimark, PageMaker, Palm Programming, Pascal, PostScript editing, QuarkXpress, UML, Visual Studio.

Have worked as a digital typographer, as well as an interactive kiosk developer for museums. Enjoy working with light and music, and have recently been designing and sewing men's garments.

Avid backpacker, mostly in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Olympics in the Pacific Northwest, and the Sierras of California.